Buy a certified pre-owned vehicle

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from KPV gives you peace of mind because you know:
  • Your car comes with an additional 6 months/15,000kms warranty extension option 
  • The warranty is transferable to the next owner
  • Any repairs have been carried out at an authorised service centre by certified technicians

Why consider KPV for an appraisal?

We buy vehicles everyday. Bring your vehicle to one of our showrooms for a full appraisal and we’ll offer you a fair price based on our extensive experience. Before coming in, check what you need to bring with you and we’ll prepare a written offer for you in as little as 30 minutes.

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Model: Camry GL

Kms: 105,176

Price: BD 6000

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Model: Hilux 2.7

Kms: 48,574

Price: BD 6500

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Make: HINO

Model: WU650L

Kms: 139,678

Price: BD 5500

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